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First REAL NFT on the Blockchain

The first NFT made for eternity

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Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is an American actress, singer, entrepreneur, and television personality.

Own Blockchain Real Estate

Each Blockship is derived from a certain hash from the Ethereum Blockchain. This means that each Blockship represents a unique part of the Ethereum Blockchain. Blockship #0, for example, represents the genesis blocks of the Ethereum Blockchain.

The First Real NFT

Blockships is the first REAL NFT. Other NFTs like CryptoPunks do not save the image data on the Blockchain, only the url to the image is stored on the Blockchain. This means that if the server that stores the image data goes offline, the NFT will be lost. The Blockships on the other hand are directly stored on the Blockchain, so they will last for eternity!

Offchain Computation By Trustless Oracle

Calculating the Blockship images requires lots of computations. The core of Blockships is an algorithm that computes unique Blockships based on block hashes. Performing these computation onchain would require huge gas fees. Because of this Blockships together with the Acria oracle developed a new method to initialize the Blockships via oracle nodes. This makes Blockships the first real, decentralized and trustless NFT on the market.